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Title:The Truth About Pressure Washing Your Deck
Category:Business: Home Improvement
Description:Our outdoor decks are an extension of our home and often times they go unnoticed or aren’t taken care of the way they should be. Decks need to be maintained just like other areas of your home.Decks are exposed to many different types of weather conditions depending on what area of the world you’re in including rain, wind, snow, dust etc. These types of conditions can cause a lot of harm to your deck such as staining, warping or even ruining the foundation of the deck with mold, staining or fading from the sun.ressure washing is a procedure that is done to help clean and restore your outdoor deck. Low pressure cleaning of your deck includes a Double-Chemical System that consists of a combination of two chemicals, allowing us to use a much safer and more effective cleaning solution. Advanced chemicals kill and remove algae as well as keep protecting the wood long after that. Once the cleaning is completed you need to allow the surface to dry for 48 hours or a moisture content less than 18%.
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Meta Description:We use our special Deck Armor Weather Protecting Sealing System to increase the lifespan of your deck by 10 years and make it look like new. Deck resurfacing rather that deck replacement will save you time and money.
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